2018 Documentary Shorts


9 at 38

Directed by Catherine Lee
(South Korea / 2018 / 18mins / East Coast Premiere)

A violinist’s unwavering pursuit to bring North and South Koreans together, straddling their uncrossable border, for a first-ever joint concert.


Big Paradise

Directed by JP Olsen & Kristen Nutile
(2018 / 10mins / DC Premiere) 

Robert Kidney, a powerful and complex person who lives and works in the shadow of the Midwestern decay, has been a musical force since the 1970s.


Directed by John Gallen & Alex Faoro
(USA / 2018 / 30mins / DC Premiere)

The story of youth basketball coach and drug trafficker Curtis Malone, who founded the DC Assault, an AAU basketball team whose mission was to keep inner city boys off the streets by helping them earn college scholarships. 

3866769_previewLittle Fiel

Directed by Irina Patkanian
(USA / 2018 / 16 minutes / DC Premiere)

A documentary with stop motion animation loosely based on Mozambican artist Fiel dos Santos, who makes art of decommissioned guns donated by the public in exchange for food and tools.

One for the Road

Directed by Fernanda Faya
(USA / 2018 / 11:50mins / DC Premiere)

As she moves from Brazil to NY, the filmmaker looks back at her grandma’s migration as a way to find traces of her own identity.


Directed by Adam Diller
(USA / 2018 / 15 minutes / DC Premiere)

The past and the present of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant to address our inherited infrastructure and our inherited commitment to maintaining and decommissioning our nuclear power plants.

The Shift

Directed by Elivia Shaw, Paloma Martinez
(USA / 2018 / 8mins / World Premiere)

For San Francisco’s 911 dispatchers, the city is hard to escape.


The Summer at Ten

Directed by Chen Hao
(China / 2018 / 22mins)

Childhood, acrobatics, family …all these things are intertwined in the summer when the children are ten years old.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.59.46 pmThe Wives

Directed by Runze Yu 
(China / 2018 / 31mins)

Portraits of three Chinese women in different stages of their unwitting marriages to gay husbands.


Triumph of the Shill

Directed by Nina Berman
(USA / 2018 / 10mins / DC Premiere)

Reimagining Leni Riefenstahl’s classic film as an aesthetic blueprint to consider the 2017 presidential inauguration and election of Donald J. Trump.

TypewritersToday_Still3Typewriters Today

Directed by Kyle Finnegan
(USA / 2018 / 3mins)

Some people think the typewriter is a thing of past, but Ed Michael knows this to be false.


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