2021 Narrative Features

The Sons of Happiness

directed by Peng Shingang
Lead Cast: Liu Yulong, Peng Shiyong, Wang Yajuan
China / 2020 / 1:33mins / Subtitled in English

An unexpected pregnancy brings out two a painful run in between two families.

We Go Together

directed by Jo Seungwon
Lead Cast: Kim Kihyeon, Park Hani, Kang Hyeongseok
Korea / 2020 / 1:32mins / Subtitled in English

High school graduate Sergeant Choo really wants to join KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army) but needs signatures to defend against a false charged of larceny. Can he get them?





Fall Back Down

directed by Sara-Beth (SB) Edwards.
Lead Cast: Andrew Dunbar, Aadila Dosani, Jacky LaiKey, Omari Newton, Kira Clavell,
Joe Keithley. Canada / 2021 / 1:44mins

A depressed ex-activist takes a job in a sweatshop where he and his coworker make a grim discovery.  “Part punk rom-com and part murder mystery, Fall Back Down is an entertaining romp that manages to be wacky and gritty at the same time. Andrew Dunbar stars as Nick, an activist who has to bail on his humanitarian trip to Africa due to his family’s dire financial situation. His girlfriend Lizzie (Jacky Lai) goes without him, leaving Nick to stay in his trailer and pick up whatever work he can get.”  Alex Hudson, December, 2020, Exclaim.ca



Juliet Must Die

directed by Marco Gadge
Lead Cast: Sabrina Amali, Maximilian Klas, Nellie, Mohammad-Ali Behboudi
Stefan Grossmann, Katharina Schlothauer.  Germany / 2020 /1:35mins / Subtitled in English

Lya laces her father’s tea with sleeping pills to secretly attend the acting audition. Caring for her father for eight years is enough. But, of course, the plan is  blown.



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