Late Night Chills and Thrills: Short Fiction Films

Friday, March 8th at The Carnegie Institution for Science
9:30pm – 11:30pm

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Directed by Radheya Jegatheva
Australia / 2018 / 3:39 mins

The eyes are pathways to the soul, and when the eyes are able to focus, that pathway becomes clearer.

A lone girl studying in her room encounters a sinister creature which only appears when she has her glasses on. In her vulnerable blurred state of vision, she begins to experience inexplicable phenomenon happening around her. As fear turns to panic, she realises that she is trapped in her room and her only choice may be to go back into focus

Roadside Assistance

Directed by Ali Matlock
USA / 2018 / 20 mins

Amy Cox and Justin Hollins, a couple returning from a vacation where they have taken the first steps in mending their broken relationship, encounter car troubles while traveling down a haunted stretch of road. Their lives are thrown into disarray when painful secrets are unearthed.

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The Scorpion’s Tale

Directed by Jhosimar Vasquez
USA / 2018 / 22:18 mins

Greed, revenge and death all impact one another in this taught crime drama. Nothing is what is seems.

Unknown Contact

Directed by Silk Bistini
France / 2018 / 15.19 mins

Sandra returns to her home in a quiet little suburb. While nothing else works at home, Sandra sees the disturbing silhouette of a man watching his house from the street …

The Desecrated

Directed by John Gray
USA / 2018 / 7:48 mins

A young morgue attendant encounters an unwelcome visitor.

Tomorrow Might Be the Day

Directed by Joséfa Celestin
UK-Scotland / 2018 / 20 mins

Believing in an impending doomsday flood, Nicholas Nicholas teaches his doctrine to his niece, Seren. When her faith starts to waver, Nicholas aims to restore her faith.

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