Cut Off

Thursday, March 7th at The Carnegie Institution for Science
8:50pm – 11:00pm

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Cut Off 

Written and Directed by Jowan Carbin
Key Cast:  Brad Dourif, William Baldwin, Laura Cayouette, Lew Temple John Robinson, Jean-Marc Barr 
USA / 2017 / 89 mins 

In Cut Off, tormented Clive (John Robinson – Elephant, Lords of Dogtown) moves with his wife Kate (Devyn A. TylerUnderground, 12 Years A Slave, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) from Los Angeles to her hometown New Orleans, where he struggles with his new southern life. Soon after, Clive encounters Trevor De Blanc (Jean-Marc Barr, Big Sur, Europa, The Big Blue), a former professor who invites him to his cabin on the bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana. There, Clive must face the truth about his marriage and escape various mind games. Director Jowan Carbin and Producer Carol Bidault de l’Isle attending.

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