The FEMINIST – a Swedish Inspiration with The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting

Friday, March 8th at The Carnegie Institution for Science
5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

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The Feminist

Directed Hampus Linder
Sweden / 2018 / 91 mins

Swedish with English Subtitle

Presented in association with the Embassy of Sweden, Washington DC.

In her native Sweden, everybody has an opinion about feminist trailblazer Gudrun Schyman. Some see her as a superhero, others as a villain –but most would agree that she’s been one of the most influential politicians of the past decades.

Gudrun Schyman has been through all the ups and downs of political life: from humble beginnings in a blue-collar family grappling with her father’s alcoholism, becoming a social worker, rising to lead the Leftist party to record election results; publicly shamed for her struggles with addiction; overcoming her demons, and founding Europe’s first feminist party.

Through it all, Schyman has remained fiercely, unapologetically feminist, constantly working to raise the bar for equality in Sweden and internationally.

THE FEMINIST follows Schyman through daily life and political breakthroughs. With cameos from supporters Jane Fonda and Pharrell, the film paints a personal and political portrait of the woman behind the headlines, as she meets with women in small towns in Sweden, travels to refugee camps in Greece, and organizes a movement in the corridors of power in Brussels.

Everywhere she goes, Schyman lights the fire of fellow feminists, blazing a trail forward.

At this point in time –when politics is at the top of most people’s minds, and women are running for office in record numbers –it’s vital to document the experience and legacies of the women who have spent their lives on the barricades and in the corridors of power, laying the groundwork for the future.

Panel discussion to follow, details below.

The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting

Directed by Julie Mallozzi
USA / 2018 / 16:09 mins

From Maine to New Mexico, citizens across America are clamoring for free and fair elections through Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Our story unfolds as voters organizing to enact the reform face fierce pushback from establishment politicians. The film looks at the historical rise, fall, and rebirth of RCV in the United States and abroad, and embed viewers in the front line of the battle raging over voters’ rights.

Through a ballot measure in November 2016, the citizens of Maine voted to become the first state in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting statewide for federal and state elections. One year later, the legislature and governor moved to kill the bill, claiming it was unconstitutional. However, the people have final say through a process called the People’s Veto. Now they have 90 days to collect over sixty thousand signatures in the depth of the Maine winter. Will they succeed?

Enlivened with colorful hand-drawn animation, The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting follows Maine’s story, drops in on cities like Memphis, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Santa Fe that have adopted Ranked Choice Voting, and takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of non-plurality systems dominant throughout the world. Follow this citizen uprising to restore our failing democracy!

Join us for a panel discussion following the screening! The panelists will include:

Hampus Linder is a film director based in Sweden. The Feminist – A Swedish Inspiration is his ninth documentary film.  

Cynthia Richie Terrell is founder and director of RepresentWomen that advocates for rules and systems reforms to advance women’s representation and leadership in the United States.

Rob Richie is president and CEO of FairVote, a nonpartisan champion of electoral reform.

Scotty Vercoe is an award-winning composer, performer and producer of The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting.

Linda Zachrison is Cultural Counselor of Sweden to the United States. Previously, she has been with the Swedish Film institute, Ministry of Culture, and worked as Artistic director for theaters in Sweden.

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