Join the free DCIFF FilmChat, modeled on your local Book Club but without all those rules. Monthly meetings for consequential yet entertaining conversations about successful independent fiction and documentary films, with the filmmakers.  We are proud of the success of our DCIFF alumni.  No membership required, but we hope you will want to come back for more!  

Schedule: 1st Tuesday of the month, 8.15-9.30pm ECT via Zoom.  FilmChat is free and films are on mainstream platforms or via a link.  Watch in your own time, then meet up online to discuss with the director who also shares the monthly FilmChat special cooking tip or recipe! DCIFF provides discussion leaders for up five groups of eight (8) as needed. 


Our next FilmChat will be

Tuesday, September 14th

8.15pm-9.30pm EST 


Past FilmChat Events:

February 2021: Kevin Tran‘s feature film THE END OF THE STREET (available at Amazon Prime and HERE).

March 2021: Alex Goldberg‘s feature film CLOSURE (available at Amazon Prime) and a sneak preview of his new script.

April 2021:  Jane Clark, her feature film and web series CRAZY BITCHES  (available at Amazon Prime), and what is coming up next.

June 2021: Abigail Child‘s 2020 documentary THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES and a discussion of A.I.