Join the new free DCIFF FilmChat, modeled on your local Book Club but without all those rules. Monthly meetings for consequential yet entertaining conversations about successful independent fiction and documentary films, with the filmmakers.  No membership required, but we hope you will want to come back for more!  

Schedule: Second Tuesday of the month, 8.15-9.30pm ECT via Zoom.  FilmChat is free and films are on mainstream platforms or via vimeo. 

We start, as we must, online.  Screen an accessible film in your own time and then meet up to discuss including with the director who also shares the monthly FilmChat special cooking tip or recipe! DCIFF provides discussion leaders for five groups of nine (9). Please register in the schedule below.


Tuesday, March 9th: 8.15pm-9.30pm  

Join us to discuss DCIFF alum



And his FOLLOW UP script: Ann Vino Veritas

CLOSURE is a dark comedy about a woman who flies to LA after her mother’s death to find her sister. Read review here


WATCH the Film at: Amazon Prime then read the script for the sequel and join us online on March 9th for a lively talk with director Alex Goldberg.

REGISTER HERE: You will receive the Zoom Link and the Script in Advance 

This is a free DCIFF event but donations are always appreciated… Here

Tuesday, April 13th: 8.15-9.30pm : Details TBD

Tuesday, May 11th: 8.15-9.30pm : Details TBD

Tuesday, June 8th: 8.15-9.30pm : Details TBD

Past Events:

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021:  DCIFF Alum Kevin Tran chatted about his 2020 feature film  THE DARK END OF THE STREET and shared a pizza recipe. WATCH the Film at: Amazon Prime