The Five Dollar Movie with In Between Words

Sunday, March 3rd at The Miracle Theater
4:50pm – 6:40pm

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The Five Dollar Movie

Directed by Stephen Wright
United Kingdom / 2018 / 60 mins

The Five Dollar Movie takes you on a journey to one of the most innovative and oddest versions of the gig economy: But it is also a meta-documentary that uses its subject to create the film—a documentary made about Fiverr, with Fiverr. Director Stephen Wright attending.

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In Between Words

Directed by Andrew Knox
USA / 2018 / 14:05 mins

35 people were asked Paul Gauguin’s title questions, ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’

The vignettes of the film were created over a year and a half. 10 hours of audio was combed through to find the most compelling stories and explanations. 2 keys were then constructed from where pragmatic markers and visual cues could be identified and assessed. The resulting analysis shaped the finished film. This film weaves around and through rules and structures that are only present in its own peculiar context. Left on its own, it presents like mini glimpses into a few random peoples’ foundations and expectations. Director Stephen Wright attending.

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