LifeScapes Short Films: Challenging Connections

Sunday, March 10th at The Carnegie Institution for Science
5:00pm – 7:10pm

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Directed by Sam Casscells
USA / 2018 / 8:48 mins

2 high school classmates run into each other on their evening commute home. Their conversation escalates from curiosity, to bewilderment, to defensiveness, and finally to understanding, as they form an unlikely bond amidst dire circumstances


Directed by Eric Wang Schwager
USA / 2018 / 9:13 mins

A panhandler named Bishop is the neighborhood showman. He strikes up a conversation with Jeff, a reserved musician. Bishop seizes the opportunity to show Jeff a thing or two.

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Sorry for Your Loss

Written and directed by Lauren Bair
USA / 2018 / 8:38 mins

A short comedy about a woman awkwardly navigating her sister’s funeral.

Synesthetic Symphony

Directed by Nikoloz Kevkhishvili
Georgia / 2018 / 20 mins

The Very Beginning Mind

Directed by Guo Peng
China / 2018 / 17 mins

Wang Bing, who has been singing the opera for twenty years, is now making a living in collecting old appliances. By chance, He met a less reliable film crew and rekindled the love of the stage. After many efforts, finally standing on the stage of long separation, but everything is not what his imagined.


Directed by Takeshi Kushida
Japan / 2018 / 10 mins

A lonely man becomes fascinated with a shadow that appears on his apartment’s wall.

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