The Rock and Bowl Express

March 10: 3-5.00pm Carnegie Institution for Science

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The Rock and Bowl Express

Written and Directed by Ray Mallick
Starring: Nick Grages, Joseph Smithy, Francisco Colon, and Dante Colon 
USA / 2018 / 9:50 mins

In this mockumentary series, a film crew follows three talentless amateur wrestlers, Francisco, Nick and Smitty, as they struggle to gain recognition and respect in the world of wrestling. Hoping to make a splash, the bowling-themed tag team instead faceplant in their attempt to land a spot at the center stage. Francisco sees his wrestling dreams fading and endeavors to get them back on track, but the others are far less motivated. As frustrations and tensions mount, the wrestlers are pushed to their very edge and are forced to confront one another in the ultimate one-on-one match that re-ignites their love of wrestling.  

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