Special Events

snake river
360 degree virtual reality film
(USA/2014/20mins) directed by Emilio Ruprah

Friday, February 27, 7-8:00pm  – Group screening with discussion & demonstration / Naval Heritage Center / $5 
Saturday, February 28,  Noon to 4:00pm –  Individual demonstrations & screenings / Naval Heritage Center /$5
Saturday, February 28,  4-8:00pm – Individual demonstrations & screenings / District Architecture Center / $5 
Sunday, March 1, 1-6:00pm – Individual demonstrations & screenings / Naval Heritage Center /$5 

SnakeRive_Still1Written by Emiliano Ruprah and Arion Wells and directed by Ruprah, Snake River is the first full immersion film. The technology allows viewers to immerse themselves in a 360-degree environment that was filmed with a special camera system. Ruprah, a graduate film student at Washington’s American University, conceived and created the film while exploring ways to apply to cinema the advent of virtual reality gaming such as the Oculus Rift.

The film tells the story of five mercenaries – code named Picasso, Mozart, Banksey, Beethoven and El Greco – who are hired by a mysterious agency to Snake Riverretrieve a stolen biological weapon. After a violent Russian mobster captures them, the mercenaries must piece together what went wrong and who –if anyone- is telling the truth.

The film’s groundbreaking technology allows viewers to explore different environments and choose on what to focus as the plot develops. As different characters move through the virtual environment, viewers can follow them individually. In other words, the technology means that the film can never be viewed twice in the same way.

Julia_Stillmindfulness and yoga at the movies

5 – 6:00pm, Saturday February 28 and Sunday March 1st and before selected screenings
Naval Heritage Center / Free

Julia Romano, M.Psy., is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a trained clinical psychologist and yoga therapist. Founder of EmPower Yoga and Wellness, Julia teaches private and group classes around the world, and also operates Northeast DC’s Yoga NoMa, a community oriented studio geared to make yoga and meditation accessible to every level of practitioner. Julia’s instruction is grounded in cultivating the capacity to operate mindfully in body and mind, thereby strengthening the muscles of awareness and compassion–essential components, Julia believes, in the crafting of a more joyful existence. Julia’s soul purpose, double-entendre intended, is to empower students to access their own inner and infinite source of ease and peace.

Sheen Righterfilmmaker party Music by Sheen righter

For DCIFF 2015 Filmmakers only
Saturday, Feb. 28

Sheen Righter is an acoustic singer/songwriter based in the Washington, DC area. Picking up guitar at the age of 6, Sheen was heavily influenced by the bluesy pop sounds of John Mayer, as well as the classic rock acts of Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton. He is known for his high energy sets, creative renditions, and his integration of vocal percussion and loop pedal tracking. Having played live gigs since the age of 16, Sheen has established a unique and identifiable sound that attracts music lovers of every genre.