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DCIFF Kicks Off Submissions for 2015 Festival

We are proud to open submissions for our 2015 DC Independent Film Festival, running this year from February 25th to March 1st. For the 15th year, we are thrilled to support the film community not only in DC, but around the world.

DCIFF is unique in several aspects. The first being we are the oldest film festival in the DC-area but also entirely volunteer-run. This means we give your film the personal attention it deserves by taking the time to watch every film submitted. Not just by one reviewer but by our festival director as well to ensure your film is  fairly judged.

We also do not pre-program our festival around a specific genre or theme. This gives us the freedom to accept any film, from any country, in any language, or genre no matter the length or subject (minus any pornographic content). As a result, we receive top-notch animation submissions which shows to a sold-out crowd year-after-year. We can also première experimental or art films that aren’t necessarily confined to just the screen, including installations or music performances. We are also happy to announce we will be continuing both our Summit On the Hill and High School Student Film Showcase this year.

As for a few housekeeping items, we always like to remind our potential filmmakers that to be eligible, your film must be premiering in the DC Metro Area and cannot be available online for free once selected. We want to make sure that you have the best crowd possible but to do this we need to be able to build buzz around your amazing film.

Interested? Great! We thought you might be. Head on over to our submissions page for more information about fees, deadlines, and forms. We will be using Withoutabox again this year for digital submissions in addition to Submittable which will be live within the next week.

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful films!

Kicking Off the New Year Right: 2014 DCIFF Finalists

Last week, we kicked off the New Year by proudly announcing the 2014 DC Independent Film Festival finalists. After receiving over 1,000 entries, we narrowed down our finalists to nine feature films, six documentary features, seven documentary shorts, 23 narrative shorts, 16 animated films and nine high school student films.

We’ve truly held up our tradition of international representation at this year’s festival with over 28 films from 18 different countries, including New Zealand, Canada, Iran, Spain, Netherlands, China, Russia, Austria, India, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Singapore, Croatia, Ireland and Australia.

DCIFF expanded its international reach this year to 18 different countries worldwide.

DCIFF expanded its international reach this year to 18 different countries worldwide.

We’ll be working diligently behind the scenes over the next few weeks to set the final line-up, organize volunteers and press and firm up panelists for the festival, which runs from Wednesday, February 19th to Sunday, February 23rd. To paraphrase our festival director, Deirdre Evans-Pritchard, the festival is meant to be accessible to all, from members of the filmmaking community and casual film lovers to those who wish to support the DC arts community. We encourage everyone to join and reap the benefits of our seminars, workshops, panels and more. To support our core value of accessibility, we are currently running a deal through Groupon for discounted VIP or one-day passes through February 18th.

Be sure to check back here for more festival updates over the next month including in-depth filmmaker profiles.

Announcing our animation (+) finalists for 2013



France/ 2012/ 5:24mins/ directed by Bastien Belvaux

Constantly running away in a world that doesn’t accept him, a man looks for a way to turn his difference into a strength. Then he can stop hiding.


Canada/ 2012/ 6:30mins/ directed by James Stewart

An art film about a work of art, the medieval papercut masterwork by New York Artist Beatrice Coron.


USA/ 2012/ 2mins/ Ilana Morgan Schwartz

An old man must overcome his lazy habits in order to obtain the breakfast of his dreams.


USA/ 2012/ 6:27mins/ directed by Barbara Mones

When a recently hired fish thrower meets the girl of his dreams, circumstances force him to make a very difficult choice.


Belgium, France, Switzerland/ 2012/ 25mins/ directed by Izu Troin

It is 1862  and snow isolates an inn at the foot of a glacier in the Swiss Alps rendering it totally inaccessible and impossible to leave (based on the story L’auberge” by Guy de Maupassant).


UK/ 2012/ 8mins/ directed by Peter Bunzl

A boy and his mum live on an isolated farm, but one day a Crow man crashes into their world (Mask characters with animation)


Canada/ 17:45 mins/ directed by Owen Coughlan

Brilliant Scientist Fang overhears Freud and Jung arguing about the nature of dreams: When Fang suggests a third possibility they beat him up and steal his wallet. And then…


USA/ 2012/ 3:45mins/directed by Devin Bell

An animated musical piece about 26 things you should absolutely never eat.


USA/ 2012/ 8mins/ directed by Ivan Orkeny

The second animation in a trilogy about a miniature 18th century spiral staircase wandering and evolving through an ever-growing landscape.


Switzerland/2013/5 mins/directed by Elena Schoenfeld and Martine Ulmer

Divided and falling, entwined with tongues, a cat runs from noses to ears. Here’s a mouse, there’s a djembé. To the elephant’s leg and back: Mind the Cat!!


USA/ 2012 /3:26mins/ directed by Hee Jin Kim

What should she chose? Voluptuous breasts or her pet hamster?


Germany/2012/ 29mins/ directed by Hannes Rall

An adaptation of the German tale ‘The Cold Heart’ by Wilhelm Hauff, the story of a young man who trades his warm heart for a cold stone in order to become rich (with color design by renowned animation-designer Hans Bacher)


Ireland/ 2012/ 7:35mins/ directed by Fred Burdy

A woman forces a banshee to guide her to the Celtic realm of Death in order to bring her husband back to life.