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Announcing DCIFF 2022 Finalists: Documentary


Living in Delusionville directed by Constant van Hoeven (USA / 2022 / 70mins.) From humble Midwestern beginnings, legendary art Ron English has pranked and pummeled his way into prominence, influencing generations of artists and laying the groundwork for the explosion of Street Art.

My Childhood, My Country directed by Phil Grabsky and Shoaib Sharifi (UK / 2021 / 90mins.)  A real-life epic of boyhood and manhood  in Afghanistan, one of the most embattled corners of the globe , filmed across twenty years. 

The Hit directed by Christopher Jon Halsne ( USA / 2022 / 83 mins.) A team of national-award-winning journalists reinvestigate a fatal crash where NASCAR racing legend Tony Stewart killed a young competitor. New evidence exposes how money, power, and fame may have corrupted a small-town justice system.


Childfree directed by Sara Bahramjahan (Iran / 2021 / 35mins.) What drives Iranians who decided to have no children and how do they fit in.

Magdalene’s Lies directed by Julie Laurenz  (South Africa / 2021 / 26mins.)To some Magdalene is a “Mother Teresa”, to other’s she is a rotten crook. The real Magdalene is revealed.   

Pineland/Hollywood  directed by Debi Cornwall ( USA / 2021 / 10 mins ) At a traffic stop, distinguishing reality from fantasy becomes the difference between life and death. Using fair-use clips from almost 200 Hollywood films to tell one true story.

The Militiaman directed by David Peter Hansen ( USA / 2021 / 31.22 mins.) In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the leader of a local militia must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape of 2020 while at war with his own conscience.

Regreso directed by Wijdane Balbiyar  (USA / 2021 /5 mins.) Achraf, a Moroccan teenager, tried to escape poverty  by swimming his way from Africa to Europe..

Remnants of Memory  directed by Michael Arlen Davis (USA / 2021 /25.20 ).  Fine Art Photographer Charles Johnstone explores the vivid canals and ancient passageways of Venice, Italy in search of a new book project.

Dajla: cinema and oblivion directed by Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Spain / 2020 / 15mins) In Dakhla, a forgotten refugee camp in southern Algeria, there is a film festival, the Fisahara. 

Entrance and Exit of Mascha B. directed by Laura Engelhardt (Germany / 2020 / 14 mins.)  At a big architectural visualization company, delicate operations give rise to a photorealistic rendering to promote a yet-to-be-built office space. 

My Brother is Deaf directed by Peter Hoffman Kimball (USA / 2021 / 10mins.) A  boy learns that his younger brother is deaf and tries to understand.

Learn from the Best: Announcing the 2014 DCIFF Seminars, Panels and Workshops

One aspect of the DC Independent Film Festival that truly makes us stand out is our nine different seminars, panels and workshops. We announced the dynamite line-up last week, spread out over Saturday, February 22nd and Sunday, February 23rd and we have an amazing representation from the local, national and international film industry. For example, Rob Rafferty, DC-local and creator of the web series, Cap South, will partner with F to 7TH creator Ingrid Jungermann to discuss the challenges and obstacles of writing, producing and promoting a web-based series. Hollywood actor Manny Perez will lead an interactive discussion on main-stream acting and indie filmmaking while two-time Academy Award winner Ron Judkins will lead a masterclass on sound production.

What’s really wonderful is all classes are accessible to those who want to learn more about the industry: filmmakers, students or the public. We welcome everyone to join us. Tickets range from $16 to $25 per session and if you are a student group, email Stana, our Director of Education and she will discuss reduced pricing options.

Besides those listed above, we have many more fascinating seminars, panels and workshops so please be sure to check them all out below and we look forward to see you in just a few short weeks!

Saturday, February 22

12:00 – 1:30pm


How to find the perfect setting for your film in the DC area? How to get all necessary permits to shoot at that location? Learn about this and more about location scouting and permits from Liz Lovern, DC-area location scout and independent producer, and Herbert Niles, the Deputy Director of the DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.

$16 in advance or at the door

1:45 – 3:15pm


How to compose music for a film? The Mayor’s Arts Award Recipient for Outstanding Emerging Artist, Composer Brian Wilbur Grundstrom, will talk about how to score music for a film. Grundstrom will dissect a film cue by going through the various iterations and explaining the changes made along the way. He will also explore the composer/director relationship.

$16 in advance or at the door

3:30 – 5:00pm


Hollywood actor/writer/producer Manny Pérez (appeared in the TV series Homeland, Cold Case, Law and Order, and others) leads an interactive discussion on acting for main-stream and independent film. Learn about the ins and outs of acting, writing and producing, what to expect on a set, what to do, and especially what not to do to succeed.

$25 in advance or at the door (limited to 30 attendees)

5:15 – 6:45pm


Interested to find out how to create a successful web-based series, how to build a large audience, how to write a story that is serialized? Ingrid Jungermann, the creator of F to 7TH web series, and Rob Raffety, the creator of a DC-based web series Cap South, will lead a discussion on the challenges and obstacles of writing, making, and promoting a web-based series.

$16 in advance or at the door

Sunday, February 23rd

11:30am – 1pm

ENTERTAINMENT LAW 101 – Intellectual Property for Creative Professionals

(in partnership with WALA – Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts. WALA provides access to education,advocacy and legal services through workshops and seminars, legal clinics and pro-bono referral services for artists and cultural communities in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.)

Need to ensure legal use (not just “fair use”!) of audio/video content in your film? WALA attorneys (TBA) will lead a discussion about the intellectual property issues that confront every filmmaker: copyright, trademark, fair use, licensing, options, and WGA registration.

$16 in advance or at the door

1:15 – 2:45pm

ENTERTAINMENT LAW 202 – Contracts, Litigation, and Best Practices

(in partnership with WALA  – Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts)
WALA attorneys (TBA) will lead a discussion about the business of film production: contracts, leases, litigation, incorporation, insurance, employment, and best practices

$16 in advance or at the door

2:00 – 3:30pm


This masterclass with Ron Judkins, Academy Awards winner for Best Sound for Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan, will include discussions about the history of sound in movies, the idea of sound perspective, the advantages and disadvantages of specific techniques in production sound, and some particular thoughts about sound for low-budget productions.

$25 in advance or at the door (limited to 30 attendees)

 3:45 – 5:15pm


How not to be overwhelmed by a mind-boggling array of equipment and format choices — what’s out there and what’s coming soon for indie filmmakers on a budget. Documentary filmmakers Richard Chisolm and Paul Moon will lead an honest, interactive discussion about gear for independent filmmakers. Alexander Porter, an experimental cinematographer and a co-creator of the open source hybrid filming & 3D scanning technique called RGBDToolkit, will demonstrate how RGBDToolkit works, and discuss open source tools for independent and experimental filmmakers.

$16 in advance or at the door

5:30 – 7pm


This workshop will negotiate different approaches and methods for adapting written literature for animation in appropriate ways. In his research, multi-disciplinary filmmaker and animator Hannes Rall explores the creation of genuinely culture-specific animation styles. He has built a reputation for successfully adapting works of classic literature for animation: His animated versions of major works of E.A. Poe (“The Raven”), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“The Erl-King”) and Wilhelm Hauff (“The Cold Heart”) have been shown in over 200 film-festivals worldwide and won multiple awards.

Followed by a reception featuring Indonesian coffee and finger food sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

$16 in advance or at the door