On The Hill Summit

The annual Independent Film “Summit On the Hill” has been rescheduled to May 7th, 11am-1pm, in the Rayburn Building, Room 2325, Congress. Details to follow.

What does Congress have to do with the art of independent film? A good question and one we address at the nexus of art and law. Washington DC. Filmmakers in the United States work within and around a body of regulation bearing on the art and artists.

In cooperation with the Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus, we welcome filmmakers and the public to an open discussion with experts and lawmakers about these developments. From issues directly effecting taxation to technology to intellectual property, we are in a unique position to organize and convene this annual event.

The 2019 Summit will address the topic of online film distribution and the associated issues of piracy, small e-businesses and equal opportunity among others.  Attendance is free.

Past Summits


2018 SummitNew Tax Breaks and Incentives
2017 Summit
: Tax Incentives for Filmmakers
2016 Summit: Virtual Rights And Avatars
2015 Summit:  Lights! Drones! Action!
2014 Summit: Legislating Crowdfunding & The Impacts on Independent Film and the Arts
2013 Summit: Strengthening Support For Independent Media Arts: “Reviewing What Exists and Proposing What Might Be”