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DCIFF 2020 Award Winners

All the exceptional films screened at DCIFF in Washington DC March 4-8th were in competition and it is with great pleasure that we congratulate the winners and wish both the creators and the films great success going forward.

Best High School Films

  • First Place: The Program (USA/2019/17 mins) directed by Autumn Morgan
  • Second Place: Happy Pill (USA/2019/7:18mins) directed by Wyatt Richards 
  • Third Place: Static (USA/2019/4:45mins) directed by Jackson Little.

Best Metro DC Film

  • The Imminent Expiration of Seth Dodson (USA/2019/11:36mins/fiction) directed by Alex Craig

Best Narrative Short (fiction)

  • Maradona’s Legs (Germany/2019/20mins) directed by Firas Khoury

Best Series Pilot/Episode

  • Good Genes (USA/2020/19mins) directed by Hannah Welever 

Best Documentary Short

  • Our Alexandria (USA/2019/17mins) directed by Robin Hamilton

Best Documentary Feature Film

  • Medicating Normal (USA/2019/76mins) directed by Lynn Cunningham and Wendy Ractliffe

Best Animated Short Film

  • Chapped (USA/2019/7.52 mins/stop-action animation) directed by Chelsea Rugg  

Best International Film

  • Sema (Speak Out) (Dem.Rep. of Congo/2019/45mins/feature) directed by Macherie Ekwa Bahango

Best Feature Film

  • Love Type D (UK/2019/95mins) directed by Sasha Collington

Best of Fest

  • Life In Synchro (USA/2020/53mins/documentary) directed by Angela Pinaglia

Announcing with Gusto: DCIFF 2020 High School Film Finalists

Balloons (USA/2019/3:28mins) directed by Christopher Putlock. What happens when a fun water balloon war is taken too seriously?

Blossoming: A Beautiful Journey of Kids with Down Syndrome and Art (China/2019/15:50mins) directed by Xicheng Gu. Fei Fei, a kid with Down Syndrome, has been taking calligraphy classes for over six years.

Happy Pill  (USA/2019/7:18mins) directed by Wyatt Richards.  A student explores happiness, conformity and the consequences of both.

Hold On” (USA/2019/2:24mins) directed by students at the Blue Ridge Detention Center who wrote a song to talk about their experience and produced this music video.

Kami-Oshi (Thailand/2019/4:20mins)  directed by Jittarin Wuthiphan. Father and son have a heated argument over their beliefs.

Static (USA/2019/4:45mins) directed by Jackson Little. A businessman under pressure finds himself facing a series of strange occurrences while waiting for his wife to come home.

The Program (USA/2019/17mins) directed by Autumn Morgan. A teen drove, texted and killed and is sentenced to live with a family that lost their son in the same manner.

The Rose (USA/2019/7:11mins) directed by Ashley Kang. Mina, a young painter is tormented by someone at her studio who picks on every little mistake on her work.