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High School Summer 2022 Filmmaking

Everyone gets to be part of making a short film!

5 week Summer 2022 Film Production Course for ages 14-19

  • July 11-August 12; Monday-Friday 3-7pm
  • APPLY:  Fill out the application form HERE 
  • A practical hands-on course in digital film production with field trips to TV stations and studios and weekly screenings and discussions. Content: Screenings and analysis; cinematography, sound, script, performance and editing. Each team produces a short narrative film. Our teaching team has a wealth of experience in filmmaking and we know students love them and the program! Size: 18-20 students divided into production teams. Completed projects are in consideration for the 9th annual DCIFF High School Film Competition in 2023
  • Venue: TBD – Near a Metro Station and as central in Washington DC as possible
  • Equipment: Provided, but if you have a laptop, bring it.
  • Requirements: You must attend 75% of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion and to be listed as Cast/Crew on a project
  • Supported by a Summer Strong 2022 Grant from the Office of Out of School Time

Those Pinhole Camera Images: Meet photographer Nancy Breslin…

Some people look at art and say,  “Well I could do that!” and the answer back is always, “Yes indeed, and an artist is the person who actually does it”.  So too, photographer Nancy Breslin has shown how the simplest of devices, a pinhole camera, can produce powerful images rich with interpretation. Notable among her extensive work is her project Squaremeals: A Pinhole Diary of Eating Out which consists of thousands of pinhole photographs of her restaurant meals, all shot on film in a Zero 2000 pinhole camera. The tiny aperture of this camera (f/138) requires relatively long exposures (seconds outside, minutes to hours inside). Meals are a perfect subject due to the combination of movement (people, glassware) and stillness (the room itself). 

tmax 400 film, zero 2000 pinhole camera

Pinhole cameras, sometimes called camera obscura, have become popular again because of the astonishing images they capture and because they remind us of how our fascination with the screen all started.  Want to learn more?

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