Announcing the DCIFF 2013 selection of Feature Films and Documentaries!

We are honored and excited to announce the DCIFF 2013 selections for Feature Films and Documentaries.  Thank you to everyone who submitted – it was a particularly tough year to make selections.

Tomorrow we will announce the other categories – keep posted!  And keep up to date as we add more information about the films and the schedules as March approaches.

Happy New Year – and congratulations to the filmmakers!


Boys Are Us

Switzerland / 2012 / 73mins / directed by Peter Luisi
After 16-year-old Mia gets hurt in love, she and her sister decide to take revenge on a boy. When other people and unexpected feelings start getting involved, the game of the two girls suddenly begins to take on dangerous proportions.

Camera Shy

Canada / 2012 / 91 mins / directed by Mark Sawers
A dark comedy about a corrupt city councilman (Nicolas Wright) whose life spins out of control after a mysterious cameraman begins terrorizing him.

Hard Shoulder

UK / 2012 / 88 mins / directed by Nicholas David Lean
When Carl (Wil Johnson) reluctantly agrees to a strained weekend away with his family, a trip to the remote Welsh moors becomes a HORRIFIC fight for survival as a convoy of carnival travelers violently forces the family off the road.

Shouting Secrets

Switzerland / 2012 / 88mins / directed by Korinna Sehringer
A successful Native American writer whose novel sold out his family finds himself pulled back home to San Carlos Apache reservation. A story about a Native-American family with unique struggles yet universal truths and a film with a stellar Native-American cast; Chaske Spencer, Gil Birmingham, Q’orianka Kilcher, Tyler Christopher, Tantoo Cardinal and Rodney A. Grant.

The First Winter

Canada / 2012 / 72mins / directed by Ryan Mc Kenna
Offbeat and deadpan, this is a bitter-sweet tale about a young man in Portugal who, having impregnated a vacationing Canadian, must face the inhospitable Canadian landscape and its hopeless denizens when he emigrates to join her.


USA / 2012 / 75 mins / directed by Nicholas Richards
Near Normal, Illinois, but certainly far from normal, this is a strange day in the life of Phin (Geno Rathbone) who, stuck in a gorilla costume, must raise $3000 after his neighbor holds Phin’s car for ransom.

Oros (The Coinbearer)

Philippines & USA / 2012 / 81mins / directed by Paul Sta Ana
A gritty, gripping story unfolds in a Philippine slum, where even death becomes a provider as people exploit the dead in order to survive by holding sakla (illegal gambling) at staged wakes.

Baromas (Forever)

India / 2012 / 124mins / directed by Dhiraj Meshram
Based on the Award-winning novel by Sadanand Deshmukh, this film visits rural India and the issues of corruption, unemployment and farmers’ suicides amidst harsh socio-economic conditions. The story of two brothers, both educated and jobless, who take on the system head on in entirely contrasting ways.

Feature Documentaries

Between Two Rivers

UK / 2012/ 98mins / Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan
An aesthetically powerful film about Cairo, Illinois, isolated at the confluence of the Ohio & Mississippi rivers, where North meets South. The film combines original cinematography and candid interviews with archive footage, unseen for over 40 years, capturing the town at the height of explosive racial tensions in 1969.

Corporate FM

USA / 2012 / 74mins / directed by Kevin McKinney and Jill McKeever
The internet didn’t kill radio, commercial radio is killing itself. Corporate FM reveals how buyout firms have changed radio and made handsome profits along the way.

Directing Dissent

Germany / 2013 / 65mins / Sophie Hamacher
John Roemer, high school teacher and social activist, takes us through heated battles of the Civil Rights Movement. Set in Baltimore, a city with a turbulent history of charged race relations, the film shows Roemer’s distinctive and unconventional style of teaching and his ardent call for activism.

Let there Be Light

USA / 2012 / 97 mins / Peter Swanson
The film follows Rowan LeCompte and Dieter Goldkuhle as they make their last great window for Washington National Cathedral. These two grand masters of stained glass labor to create a masterpiece in a race against time. Told with stunningly beautiful images, this is a story about the struggle to create great art using glass and light.

Los Ginger Ninjas

Mexico / 2012 / 76mins / directed by Sergio Morkin
In 2007, an unknown Northern California rock band called the Ginger Ninjas set out to tour Mexico. They had no van and no gigs. They hauled their instruments, camping gear and human-powered sound system on special load-carrying bicycles. An exploration of youthful freedom, transformation and relationships among these eco-travelers.

The New Woman: Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky

USA / 2013 / 27mins / directed by Gillian Willman
Until 1894, there were no female sports stars, no product endorsement deals, and no young, Jewish mothers with the chutzpah to circle the globe on a bicycle. A film about Annie Kopchovsky, the eccentric, fiery woman who changed all of that.

We Women Warriors

USA / 2012 / 83mins / Nicole Karsin
In Colombia’s war-torn indigenous villages, three brave women from distinct tribes guide us through their worlds. Trapped in a protracted predicament that is fueled by the drug war, indigenous women are using their resources and tradition to lead in a transforming way imbued with hope.