Craig Newland’s 3 Mile Limit Received “Best International Film” at DCIFF 2014

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Feature film 3 Mile Limit took home to New Zealand the “Best International Film” honor at the 2014 DC International Film Festival. This inspiring true story is rich with courage and triumph during a cultural revolution when rock and roll took the world by storm. 3 Mile Limit has also broken into the music scene with the new music video for “Freedom” by Michael Murphy. The video was recently shot at Long Bay in Auckland and includes scenes from the the feature film.

Director and producer Craig Newland holds this story near and dear to him. He was directly affected by Radio Hauraki at age seventeen when he became involved with student radio station, which set him on a career in broadcasting. Newland then turned to film to share this incredible story with the world. As Newland’s directorial debut, he knew it would be a rocky road from pre-production through distribution. Due to a short twenty-five-day principal photography schedule, he realized the cast needed to be well-prepared and have strong chemistry that resonated both on and off screen. To help accomplish this bond, casting was enhanced by having various actors spend time together in an intensive workshop, whittling down the cast to create the perfect troupe. The overall shooting and editing process was grueling, but Newland was pleased with the the final result despite the budget and time restraints. Learn more about the cast and crew here.

3 Mile Limit won “Best Feature Film” at the Fargo International Film Festival and has been honored with “Official Selection” into international film festivals around the globe. What’s next for Craig Newland? He’s currently working on the psychological thriller feature film Frozen Moment.

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3 Mile Limit
Director & Producer: Craig Newland
Co-writers: Andrew Gunn & Craig Newland
Production Company & Distributor: No.8 Films
Cast: Matt Whelan, Dan Musgrove, Belinda Crawley, David Aston, Elliot Wrightson, James Crompton, Carl Dixon, Daniel Cresswell, Jordan Mooney