Announcing our 2016 Animation Finalists

We are excited to announce the Animations screening at DCIFF 2016

Details and screenings times coming soon. Keep checking back in this week as we continue to announce all the 2016 DCIFF Finalists. 

Another Season (Germany/2015/4:27mins.) Directed by Anna Lytton
Bicycle (USA/2015/1:16mins.) Directed by Dana Sink
Coupling (UK/2015/2:27mins.) Directed by Cat Hayes
Derek’s Roses (UK/2015/)0.53mins.) Directed by Trevor Hardy
Hard to be a sparrow (Russian Federation/2014/7:55mins.) Directed by Darya Vyatkina
In a Good Way (USA/2015/4:45mins.) Directed by Yi Ju Tsai
In Your Eyes (France/2015/6:06mins.) Directed by Julien Arnal
Jazz Orgie (Germany/2015/2mins.) Directed by Irina Rubina
Journey Birds (Israel/2015/9:28mins.) Directed by Daphna Awadish
Karouma (UAE/2015/12mins.) Directed by Boubaker Boukhari
One Turtle (Russian Federation/2014/5mins.)Directed by Anna Romanova
Perfect Houseguest (USA/2015/2mins.) Directed by Ru Kuwahata
Pianoid (Germany/2015/3mins) Directed by Janina Putzker
Rainbow: A Story About Life (Brazil/2015/2:47mins.) Directed by Eduardo Wahrhaftig
Sailor’s Yarn (Switzerland/2015/5:44mins.) Directed by Claudia Wirth
Static Run (USA/2015/4:05mins.) Directed by Sean Ye
The Man and the Trees (Romania/3015/1:06mins.) Directed by Dani Pucz
The Story of Percival Pitts (Australia/2015/8mins.) Directed by Janette Goodey and John Lewis
The Walker (USA/2015/5mins.) Heather Collins
Toto’s Tusks (India/29015.2:53mins.) Mehr Chatterjee
Variable Geometry (Belgium/2015/4:20mins.) Marie-Brune de Chassey
Why banana snarls (Russian Federation/2014/10:12mins.) Directed by Svetlana Razgulyaeva
Within Thy Walls (Israel/2015/7:17mins.)Directed by Omer Sharon