Announcing the DCIFF 2017 Shorts

Details and screening times coming soon. Keep checking back this week and next as we announce all the 2017 DCIFF Finalists.


A Battling Body (France/2016/1:30mins), Directed by Laura Ghazal
A one minute choreography to illustrate a whole life, a young life, hampered by multiple sclerosis.

A Girl Like You (Italy/2016/15mins), Directed by Massimo Loi and Gianluca Mangiasciutti
Aurora and Alba, inseparable friends, are very different from each other. One day Alba convinces Aurora to leave for a journey together.

A Peculiar Thud (USA/2016/13mins), Directed by Ross Morin
Billy wakes up in the middle of the night to find a man at his door who wants to come in – and he won’t take no for an answer.

Discord of the Hyenas (Austria/2016/12:45mins), Directed by Alexander Peskador
Jo, Harri, Nik and Beppo meet on a field to dig up their hidden loot. Their buddy Lenz is missing.

Edith (UK/2016/14:57mins), Directed by Christian Cooke
Since his wife, Edith’s, death four months ago, Jake has fallen into a life of drinking and isolation. Then there is Shelia.

Fomo Sapiens (Sweden/2016/7:15mins), Directed by Viktor Hertz
A young couple, suffering from the worst imaginable form of “fear of missing out”, decides to take on a tough challenge.

High Five, Bear Hug (USA/2016/9:44mins) directed by Terra Marine
Juliet seeks comfort from her best friend Luke after a hard break-up.

Killing the Fiddler (USA/2016/7:16mins), Directed by Barak Barkan
Adam, a Jewish man, five minutes before he marries a non-Jewish woman.

Last Call Lenny (USA/2016/12:30mins), Directed by Julien Lasseur
Lenny Upton combines euthanasia with his used furniture business to provide suicide assistance to melancholy customers with a death wish.

Masquerade (USA/2016/10mins), Directed by Andrew Hawkins
1848 Virginia. Slave couple Sam and Ninny execute an escape after their slave master George makes an unconscionable advance.

Thresher (Canada/2016/14mins), Directed by Alex Clark
A lone man is terrorized by a masked burglar late one night, but the intruder soon realizes that the man’s house is not what it seems.

The Kidnapping of a Fish (USA/2016/25mins), Directed by Philip Ramos
A mild-mannered man is kidnapped and is forced to figure out if his new girlfriend is the cause.

Salt (Brazil/2016/15mins), Directed by Diego Freitas
In a big city, a solitary computer technician meets an intriguing man in a website, where people share a strange fantasy. A date is set up, and the night will culminate in an irreversible experience for both of them.

Son (Luxembourg/2016/15mins), Directed by Cyrus Neshvad
Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.

The Beast in the Storm (UK/2016/8:58mins), Directed by Ruaridh M. Turner
It is winter, 1985. Darkness falls, a young boy races home through a remote landscape.

The Color of Reality (USA/2016/5:42mins), Directed by Jon Boogz
The artistic style of Alexa Meade combined with the choreography of Jon Boogz creates a moving portrait that speaks in powerful protest to the gun violence haunting American society today.

The Evans Girl (USA/2016/13:54mins), Directed by Val Jashiri
Eliza Evans, a quiet thirteen year old girl learns how to become a woman from her distraught mother who abandoned her two years ago.

The Thing About the Morning After (France/2016/9:05mins), Directed by Denise Powers
The morning after a first night spent together reveals some disconcerting surprises.

The Consequence of Reliving (UK/2016/14:26mins), Directed by Christien Bart-Gittens
On his 18th birthday, Noah learns that he possesses a unique ability, but with that ability he soon finds that he has to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Vicarious (USA/2016/13mins), Directed by Aaron Lachman
A man must learn to move on with his life with help from his ghostly best friends.

Welcome to my World (USA/2016/12:06mins), Directed by Ching Wang
The ideal world of a compulsive alienated young man shatter as a spontaneous woman shakes up his everyday routine.