Saturday, February 17th

ticket9:45 – 11:40pm
Naval Heritage Center

Screens as part of Chills and Thrills Late Night Shorts.


Directed by Lance J. Reha
Lead Cast: Mike Funk, Lauren A. Kennedy, Drew Maniscalco
USA / 2017 / 19mins 

Allie is an aspiring photographer who makes a leaving cleaning office buildings. Her deadbeat boyfriend Max is a petty thief who hasn’t had a real job in quite some time. After stealing a camera from a wildlife photographer, Max brings home the loot to sell online, a practice he promised Allie he quit. When Allie checks the camera’s memory card, they are startled to find the photographer committing a heinous crime on film. Now Max and Allie fear they are the next target as the photographer seeks revenge.

Director Bio:
Tom Bragg is an accomplished screenwriter who currently resides in NYC. He’s written several feature-length and short scripts in all genres of film. Many of his shorts have been produced by independent production companies based in NYC. Tom has written and co-produced the horror/comedy, Photokill, which is in the middle of a successful festival run where it’s been in over twenty festivals since July 2017 and has garnered several awards. Concurrently, Tom has won four Best Unproduced Screenplay awards at festivals with his horror/comedy script, Crazy For The Blonde. He also continues to keep busy by writing and shopping around his feature-length screenplays.


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