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The DC Independent Film Festival’s core mission is to support a thriving community of independent filmmakers, not only locally, but across the country and around the world. That’s why every year we screen dozens of films, representing the creative spirit of artists from every continent, expressing the diversity of perspective and commonality of experience that makes us human.

The filmmakers whose work we show have done their job – but our job is to make sure that their voices are heard. DCIFF’s Press and Outreach team spreads the word through the press, through social media, and by reaching out to embassies and other communities of interest.


How to apply for a DCIFF Press Pass
Please send necessary materials to:

  • An assignment letter or email from your editor/producer on letterhead. If you are a freelancer, your letter must come from the editor/producer of the outlet for which you will be covering and the type and focus on the planned editorial coverage.
  • A passport photo or license. 
  • Recent coverage of a film festival or a film-related story, film review or arts/entertainment story written or produced by you is appreciated.


DCIFF can be found online at:

TWITTER – @DCIndieFilmFest