2020 Documentary Features

*Screenings followed by Q&A with the director

Life In Synchro

Directed by Angela Pinaglia
USA / 2020 / 53 mins

Synchronized ice skating was founded in 1956 as one of the few sports without a male counterpart. The film follows Emily, a Team USA skater, and 66-year-old Heidi who found her passion for skating later in life.


Medicating Normal

Directed by Lynn Cunningham & Wendy Ractliffe
USA / 2020 / 76 mins

Fifty million Americans are physiologically dependent on prescribed psychiatric drugs that are tested and promoted by huge profit-driven corporations. Long term use can often lead to worse outcomes.

The Hoy Boys

Directed by Dave Simonds
USA / 2019 / 69 mins

Working-class twin brothers Tom and Frank Hoy became White House News Photographers for The Washington Post and The Evening Star. Their iconic photographs provide a lens through which we view the complexities of the past and the chaos of the current media landscape.

The Ringmaster

Directed by Dave Newberg & Molly Dworsky
USA / 2019 / 90 mins

An aging chef from Minnesota has his life turned upside down when a relentless filmmaker from Las Vega tries to make the chef’s onion rings world famous.

Up From The Streets

Directed by Michael Murphy
USA / 2019 / 103 mins

New Orleans music and its extensive influence around the world hosted by Oscar nominee and 6-time Grammy Winner Terence Blanchard . With Afro-Caribbean influence to Mardi Gras Indians and Second Line parades, New Orleans is home to a unique mesh of cultures.

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