Announcing With Brio: DCIFF 2020 Short Fiction Films

Auxiliary Man (USA/20129/15.43mins) directed by Max Roux. An inept hit man has a chance to prove himself but nothing goes as planned.

Brothers Again (Switzerland/2019/11:04mins) directed by Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola. An elderly man lives in serenity with his wife. The arrival of his brother Vittorio breaks the calm. 

Flora (Spain/2019/14mins) directed by Javier Kühn. A Victorian story about life, death and everything in between. 

Free Fun (Cyprus/2019/ 5mins)  directed by Fehmi Öztürk. When Kika entered an adult VR game, she encountered something she never expected.

Free Rider  (USA/2019/12:37mins) directed by Rhythum. A guy gives a stranger a ride to his aunt’s house, then realizes it was probably a mistake.

Going Steady (USA/2019/7:58mins) directed by Brydie O’Conner A woman’s wild imagination about the relationship she truly desires in 1950s Kansas.

Hey Zeus (USA/2019/ 7:28mins) directed by José A. Acosta. After a botched immigration raid, ICE agents give varying accounts of what happened.

Maradona’s Legs (Germany/2019/20mins) directed by Firas Khoury.  During the 1990 World Cup, two young Palestinian boys look for the last missing sticker that they need in order to complete their world cup album.

Old Blue Eyes (USA/2019/18:19mins) directed by Christian J. Parkinson. Frank Sinatra will play one last show at the Hoboken Town Hall before hanging up the mic. Or so he says…

Our Home Here (USA/2019/16.27mins ) directed by Angela Chen.  Parallel stories of broken relationships between parents and their children striving for the American Dream all revolving around one explosive night.

Rattenfalle/The Rat Trap (USA/2019/3.33mins) directed by Win Brooks, The horrors of modern cuisine and the palatability of revenge.

Red Ladies (USA/2019 /8:46mins) directed by Parida Tanti. True blue Olivia returns home to stop her mom from becoming the first female Asian-American Republican assemblywoman.

Rock On Dude (Canada/2019/10mins) directed by Frank Appache. A veteran hard rock DJ must compromise by interviewing and featuring bubblegum music duo to stay on the air.

Ruby (Canada/2019/8:41mins) directed by Guillaume Comtois.  Lionel is a photographer. Ruby is a model. They knew each other a long time ago and both know the other is unhappy.

Shrevepoet (USA/2019/11:29mins) directed by Abigail Kruger. Larry Wolf glides through the city of Shreveport knowing the unstoppable power of nature.

Tommy (Australia/2019/19mins) directed by Scott Dale. A young boy and his imaginary friend are caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle. As the feud between his parents reaches boiling point, worlds collide.

The Imminent Expiration of Seth Dodson (USA/2019/11:36mins) directed by Alex Craig. Seth Dodson, along with the rest of the world, knows the exact date of his ultimate demise. Just not how or at what time. 

The Usual Route (USA/2019/11mins) directed by Cory Warner. Between starting a new job as a garbage collector and doing small dope deals, a 16-year-old, finds himself pulled in several directions. Based off selections from Steven Dunn’s novel, Potted Meat.

Tremble (UK/ 2019/4:31mins)  directed by Jessica Wright and Morgann Runacre-Temple. An abstract dining room is the setting for 26 Scottish Ballet dancers to perform.