SCHEDULE: 2021 High School Festival


Sat. March 13: 2:00-5.30 pm


2:00pm    Introductions

2:15pm Film Screenings

  • Three Homes by Erin Kamm (Wilson High School), Gary Pugh (Coolidge High School), and Sophie Orlando (Wilson High School): The daughter of Swedish and Albanian parents describes her experiences of having multiple cultures within her life and family.
  • Welcome to America by Rose Lomax (DC International School) and Ayden Williams (DC International School): A woman who speaks five languages tells of the challenges and joys she faced immigrating from Cameroon (via England and Pennsylvania) to her new home of Washington, DC.
  • The Beauty of Sacrifice by Isharee Williams (Duke Ellington School of the Arts) and Damaris Medina (DC International School): After economic instability put her family business in jeopardy, a Bolivian woman seeks new opportunities for herself and her family in Washington, DC.
  • Unique by Antoinette Jean Baptiste (Duke Ellington School of the Arts): A young teenage girl from Brooklyn describes how Spanish has impacted her life.
  • Untitled by Maximiliano Silva (DC International School)

2:45pm Discussions with filmmakers and interviewees led by Aarti Singh, co-founder of the storytelling incubator, Suno Labs, and creator of the photojournalism project “Behind the Veil: Living and Loving in Queer India.”

3:15pm: Final Comments

4:00pm: Hear from the Behind-the-Scene After School Team of teachers and filmmakers about bilingual filmmaking and lessons learned in media literacy.

4:30pm-5:30pm: Want more? Stay to watch the films that won the 2020 High School Film Competition!!


Sunday March 14th: 2:00-6:00pm 

2-3pm:             Getting Started in Your Media Career Speed Dating: Have a chance to talk directly to professionals in Art Direction, Script Supervision, Production and Post-Production to get a sense of working in the media industry.  Designed for those starting out, but all welcome.

TO ASSURE A SUCCESSFUL EVENT THIS WAS RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 3RD AT 3PM at part of DCIFF2021. Free. Details to follow but you can register here and we will get back to you.

3-4:30pm:      2021 High School Film Competition Finalists Screenings

  • Dare (USA/2020/9mins) directed by Sebastian Plaza.  A teen undertakes dares for money until he faces a life or death decision.   
    Birdie (USA/2020/5:36mins.) directed by Campbell A Topping. A young photographer comes to terms with her sexuality and psychopathic tendencies.
    Marked (USA/2020/15:15mins.) directed by Samantha Cohn and Madeline Simpson
    A teenager encounters a mysterious man who commits suicide in front of him. The film follows his friends as they investigate the tragedy
    Disowned (USA/2020/15:14mins.) directed by Andrew Stevens
    The relationship between between a son, his father, and his cello comes to a head one treacherous night.
    The Duelist (USA/2020/6:22mins.) directed by James Altshul
    COSIMA, the world’s greatest traveling duelist, finally meets her match when the mysterious trickster VALENTINE arrives to challenge her.
    She’s A Rainbow (USA/202/9:32mins.) directed by Leila Alvaredo
    Lina, a teenage girl at Croqueta Central, lives in a topsy-turvy reality where she is unlike most other boys and girls–she is straight. When Lina receives a romantic message from Sky, an anonymous straight boy at the school, she will be forced to confront her family and classmates in order to save the spring dance and live her truth.
    Dream of a Dark and Rainy Night (USA/2020/4:12mins.) directed by Aubrey Meiling. When we sleep our dreams can take us deep into peace and serenity and into a fantasy of beauty; we are awoken by the realities of life.
  • Removal Recommended (USA/202/7:09) directed by Zia Schwartz Kinzy
    A horror-documentary explores our bizarre obsession with a specific type of body hair.
    Zoom Dating (USA/2020/10.19mins.) directed by Brendan Egan and Haley Pine.
    When a teenage girl gets broken up with online, she desperately seeks out for her next soulmate on a Christian youth dating service.

4:30-5:00pm:  Filmmaker Discussion with the Judges Miriam Kruishoop, Eli Savada and Spencer Bruttig
5:30-6pm:        Awards, Short Keynote and It’s A Wrap!