After School HS Program

DCIFF launched a new After School High School Program in 2021 which runs Feb 1 to March 13.  We expect to host one of these two to three times a year for five week sessions.  See our blog for what has been going on!

Filmmaking: Acing the On Screen Interview

A Free Hybrid After School Program for 9-12th grades
Online via Zoom and In-Person in small groups
6 weeks: 2 x a week for 1.30 mins each
Feb 1 to March 13th, 2021 / final presentations Saturday March 13th

For Information email Dasha Pavolova:

Come join a team of professional filmmakers from the DC Independent Film Forum and Festival (DCIFF) to learn useful skills as you make short films together about local sports, arts  and other interesting people who are bilingual. Learn how filmmakers and journalists deal with multiple languages! You will work in small teams to decide on how to make your film, how to work with your subject, to shoot an interview and complete the film…with your name in the credits at the end of course! You will meet with an expert on bilingualism and a Pulitzer Nominee Journalist who will share their ideas with you and wrap up with a showing of everyone’s work at a mini film festival as part of the DCIFF High School Film Festival.

Your instructors will act as your crew: you make the choices and they help you shoot, record, edit and create a final film. Requirements: As some of this program must now be online, working cell phone cameras will be needed. Audio taping equipment will be provided. Zoom capability. You do not need to be bilingual to take this course!!

This program has been made possible by support from the DC Humanities Council