The 2012 Festival Film List alphabetical listing

Official Film Selections 2012:

Feature Films

A Swingin’ Trio   2011/80mins/USA/directed by Kelvin Phillips

The Bright Side of the Moon   2012/76 mins./ Canada/directed by Farhad Alizadeh Ahi 

The Caretaker    2012/Australia/directed by Tom Conyer

The Big Bad   2011/78mins/ USA/directed by Bryan Enk

Pearls of The Far East   2011/103mins/VietNam and Canada/directed by Cuong Ngo

Ultrasonic    2012/USA/directed by Rohit Colin Rao

Documentary Feature Films

Defining Beauty: Ms.Wheelchair America /2011/79mins/USA/directed by Alexis Ostrander

Patriot Guard Riders   2011/70mins/USA/directed by Ellen Frick

Shining Night: A Portrait of Morten Laurendson  2012/78mins/Switzerland and USA/directed by Michael Stillwater

Who Bombed Judy Bari? 2012/USA/By May Liz Thomson and Darryl Cherney

Documentary Short Films

Baffle Their Minds with Bullsh*t, Kerry Leigh   2011/11mins/ USA/directed by Isabelle Carbonele

Machine Man (Hombre Maquena) Spain/15mins/directed by Rosa Corella

Hidden Books – The art of Kumi Korf 2011/29mins/USA/directed by Sam Hampton

Ready, Steady, Mow 2012/40mins/USA/directed by Mike Ratel

Short Films

108.1 FM Radio 2011/Italy/15mins/ directed by Giuseppe Capasso

Angels 2011/USA/11mins/directed by Zachary Kerschberg  

Bench Seat  2011/19mins/USA/directed by Anna Mastro

Beneath 2011/16mins/USA/directed by Christopher Fernandez

Come to Harm 2011/18mins/Iceland/directed by Borkur Sigthorsson

Crazy Beats Strong Every Time 2011/27mins/ USA/Directed by Moon Molson

Deriva (Adrift) 2010/18mins/ Spain/directed by Angel Tirado

Easy Street 2011/USA/24mins/directed by Russell Greene

Error 0036  2011/Spain/12mins/directed by Raul Fernandez

Just an hour ago 2011/30mins/Iran/directed bu Sina Azin

Normal People (Ludzie Normalni) 2011/Poland/23mins/directed by Piotr Zlotorowicz

Shalom 2011/31mins /Israel/Directed by Lee Gilat

Two Brothers 2011/9 mins/South Korea/directed by Lim Boyoung

The Small Assassin 2011/16mins/USA/directed by Chris Charles   

Unmanned 2011/USA/22mins/directed by Casey Fenton

What It’s Like 2011/12mins/USA/directed by Matt Naylor

Workers Leaving the Factory (Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik) 2011/ 10mins/Germany/directed by Anna Link

Zombie Bohemia 2012/USA/12mins/directed by Vincent Brando

Animation & Experimental Films

Baby (It’s You) 3mins/USA/directed by David Cowles

Death is in the Field  2011/11mins./Switzerland /directed by Patrick Chapette  

Drained 12mins/USA/directed by Nick Peterson

Hide and Seek 3mins/Canada/directed by Aminder Dhaliwal 

Kerplunk 9mins/Canada/directed by Roy Kohn

Live Outside the Box 4.20mins/USA directed by  Shu-Hsuan Lin

Places Other People Have Lived 7mins/ USA/directed by Laura Yilmaz

Still Life 2mins/UK/directed by Lloyd Handley

Sixty in 60 60mins/USA/directed by Ronnie Cramer

Tempest in A Bedroom 11mins/France & USA/ directed by Laurence Arcadias, Juliette Marchand  

This is Not Real 7mins./UK/directed by Gergely Wootsch 

The Game  2011/5mins./Poland/ directed by Marcin Janiec

Under the Baobab Tree 2011/10.30mins/Sudan/directed by Amin Albahari 

Wriggle Room 8mins/USA/directed by Joe Schenkenberg

So Whadddya Mean 2010/2mins/USA/directed by Sean and Debi Bradshaw

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