Early ticketing revealed for “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”

February 7

by Russ Imrie

Who is Judi Bari? The life and death of environmental activist Judi Bari is one of the most compelling real-life sagas ever. With elements of law enforcement and FBI abuse, idealistic protesters, angry loggers and finally a devastating car bomb explosion in downtown Oakland California in the car of Bari and companion Darryl Cherney, it’s a real account of the costs and successes of a commitment to environmental change in a region and an industry.

The redwood forests of California’s North Coast are a last stand for old-growth trees thousands of year old. Thanks to an enlightened population who owe a debt to both the logging communities that helped build homes and an industry and the incredibly dedicated activists who at last halted  rogue abuses by corporate interests, a small percentage of that forest will be around for our descendants to see.

The DC Independent Film Festival is making early ticketing available for filmgoers.  The filmmaker’s site and Earth First!  are great visits for more background on the struggle.

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