World Premieres at DCIFF

Film festivals showcase both the films and the people who made them, so it is excellent that  so many filmmakers will attend the DC Independent Film Festival (Feb 29-March 4, 2012) this year.  The festival has 3 feature premieres:

The gothic vampire movie The Caretaker will be discussed by director Tom Conyers and producer Mike White who are flying in from Australia. The film is presented by the hugely successful and talented producer Jorge Sarlegui (Queen of the Damned, Dread and The Red Planet).

The Bright Side of the Moon, a visually powerful and tense psychological thriller, set in snow-bound Canada will be director Farhad Ahi’s first feature film made in North America.  Farhad Ahi  will come from Canada to present the film with director of photography Yadi Shahbazi.

Finally, DC’s own Rohit Colin Rao, brings his first feature film Ultrasonic to the screen. Shot on a micro-budget, but with macro style, this black and white film delves into conspiracy, paranoia and friendship.  Rohit Rao with cast and crew will be there to answer questions.