Washington’s rich film scene: take one

We are fortunate as DC residents to have an extremely rich, local film scene. There are the Smithsonian Museums, foreign embassies, universities and a vibrant media ecosystem, just to name a few. All supported by the District government’s steady stream of classics and newly finished projects.

The embassies are fantastic resources for films, and often screen a variety of films from their native countries. For example, the Embassy of Korea’s cultural center on Massachusetts Avenue primarily shows films from the Korean Crime genre while the Japanese Information and Cultural Center (JICC) on 18th Street screens a wide array of Japanese films. The Freer|Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian’s local Museum of Asian Art, on Independence Avenue has a strong film program consisting of art-house, foreign and restored classics for the price of admission.

The District also has great local theaters that screen free or low-cost films from different countries, eras and genres. If you are in the Northeast section of DC, check out the GALA Hispanic Theater. Next month, they are putting on a free film series called Reel Women: Women in Film. The films, showing from December 11 to 15th, are thought-provoking and enriched portraits of Mexican and Spanish women, such as Maria Candelaria (1944) and La Plaga (2013). West End Cinema, on M St, shows current indie flicks in addition to hosting Q&A screenings such as last week’s Nebraska and its star Bruce Dern.

Courtesy of the Gala Hispanic Theater website

The District is “wealthy” in the creative art of film. The availability of these films nurtures a mature, sophisticated audience that can enjoy the diversity of art in over  40 DC-area film festivals. We urge you to take advantage of all the wonderful resources our city has to offer and explore the rich world of film here in the District.

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