299,792 kilometers per second … Real or FX? DCIFF Short by Russ Imrie

movement to old-school sci-fi creativity in a kickstarter * project 
a DCIFF Short by Russ Imrie Dec 6, 2011

 Computer Graphics (CGI), green screens, rendered 3-D models, particle generators and wire frame models are part of the modern film toolkit. They enable time and reality to be molded and mashed up at will by the filmmaker.

But in an article at TechZwin, Sci-Fi filmmakers Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier tell how they will work with  models, not computer generated  vehicles and scenery on their film “299792 kilometers per second.”  (The title refers to the speed of light as it is accepted to be today.)

The film is about occupying technology and diverting it from war, the moral and personal struggles at stake,  in a dramatic theme that  is  facilitated by a softer, more artful feel.

used with permission

Freed from the need to accommodate lighting parameters of green screen or  staging or to match imperfect rendered objects, they can focus more on emotional intensity, story, and  character development. It can mean savings too. And it “looks better.”

*(for more discussion on grass-roots Indie Film funding strategies, see our article “Money, Money, Money)

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