Swedish (’09) or new English (’11) tattoos? the twists

DC Short

Dec 26

Russ Imrie

An interesting dinner in Reston this evening. A birthday for an unfortunate soul with their day on Christmas – a murky few days throughout her life. Talk went around about Social Security, that fool that didn’t make the Virginia Republican primary, and about the real meaning of Daniel Craig’s role in the just-released “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

It was a well-filmed-up crowd and everyone had seen both the 2009 Swedish Release and the latest English one. While all loved the original, the intriguing choice of Daniel (007) Craig led all to search and dig for the meaning behind casting the über manly and pleasant Craig and the final twist of abandonment he unconsciously dumps on Lisbeth.

What do you think? A deliberate final twist of the épée?

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