NBC’s Chokin’ on a Fishbone

A DCIFF short by Russ Imrie Dec. 8, 2011

Roots, Jimmy Fallon’s house band on late-night TV usually waltzes in Fallon’s guests with an obscure few bars of somethin’ that many don’t notice. Not any more.

NBC Network is combing through the former gray area of fanfare music after Roots picked Fishbone’s “Lyin’ Ass B—-” to serenade Republican politician Representative Michelle Bachmann as she made her way across the stage as a guest.

Oblivious to Fishbone’s lyric, the show went on. But it was picked up and the news went viral. Fallon tweeted an apology the next night but that wasn’t enough for the outraged Bachman who received a letter Wednesday from NBC senior vice president Doug Vaughan. He apologized  and called the incident “not only unfortunate but also unacceptable.”

Roots’ choices must now be shared with NBC ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Fishbone recently performed in the district at a special screening of “Everyday Sunshine.” Directed by
Chris Metzler and Lev Anderson, it was a hit at our 2011 Festival. To check out the trailer…

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