Film Production in the District Dec 5

Film Production in the District Dec 5, 2011

An update from DCIFF,

Russ Imrie and Maria Datch both contributed to this article

Film DC, on Facebook  pushed out news Friday (December 2) that Mayor Gray met with film producers in New York to encourage filming in the District, as he has in Los Angeles.  As locales from Seattle to New Orleans vie for productions which bring jobs and public relations manna, DC has a unique “something” that brings big production here. Argo (Warner Brothers),  Marcher (Universal and fourth in the ‘Bourne Identity’/Ludlum features) and HBO series Veep, are all filmed in DC.  While the large, top-tier productions sustain a viable film industry, our constant concern is the environment for the independent filmmaker and we hope this will have a positive impact on the independent film world too.  Two innovative local indie film productions to keep an eye on are the DC-based web series Anacostia the web series  (2nd. season, 80% shot in DMV area) and  Different Daze, shot by Howard University students.

Location and permissions costs are always a challenge, but the DC Film Office’s  Crystal Palmer is a supporter of independent filmmakers having their due and being able to film freely in DC.  Production costs and taxes always seem to be central to the focus of the Independent Film “On the Hill” event that DCIFF hosts every year during the festival: March 1st, 2012. Watch this space.

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