DCIFF Animation Finalists Announced

Stay tuned for the full line-up!
Features, Documentaries, Shorts and Special Categories will be announced throughout the next week. 

Congratulations to our….


A Life with Asperger’s
Directed by Jamie Ekkens  (USA / 2013 / 4mins)

Creation & Hope
Directed by Keith Carter and Gia Kereselidze  (USA / 2013 / 10mins)

Dogonauts: Enemy Line
Directed by Shel Rasch  (USA / 2013 / 17mins)

Elysian Fields
Directed by Ina Conradi  (Singapore/ 2013 / 10:50mins)

Directed by Chadwick Whitehead  (USA / 2013 / 2:06mins)

Fibonacci Bread
Directed by Danijel Zezelj  (Croatia / 2012 / 7:40mins)

Girl Meets Boys
Directed by Shiyu Luo  (China / 2013 / 2:31mins)

Handle With Care
Directed by Jun Iwakawa  (UK / 2013 / 4:30mins)

Light Me Up
Directed by Derek Dolechek and Ryan Walton  (USA / 2012 / 9mins)

Salmon Deadly Sins
Directed by Steven Vander Meer  (USA/ 2013 / 7mins)

Directed by Celia Bullwinkel  (USA / 2013 / 4:15mins)

Directed by Robert Grieves  (UK / 2013 / 8mins)

Si Lunchai
Directed by Hannes Rall  (Germany / 2013 / 8:36mins)

The Missing Scarf
Directed by Eoin Duffy  (Ireland / 2013 / 6:35mins)

The Rose of Turaida
Directed by Ryan Grobins  (Australia / 2013 / 6:13mins)

Virtuoso Virtuell
Directed by Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann  (Germany / 2013 / 7:20mins)

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