Announcing DCIFF’s 2014 High School Student Finalists

Directed by Evan Sennett
USA / 5mins / Fiction

Directed by Patrick Y. Lee
Canada / 20mins / Fiction

Directed by Nicholas Judt
USA / 7mins / Experimental

Inside the Ring
Produced by Darian Henry, Imani Peterkin, Freddie Boehrer and Richard Opaku
USA / 8mins / Documentary

Not Quite Finished
Directed by Evan Bovie and Nick Callais
USA / 22mins / Fiction

Directed by Stephen Boyer
USA / 5mins / Fiction

Rokt Lax (Smoked Salmon) 
Directed by Lukas Dong
USA / 6mins / Documentary

The Farm 
Directed by Malone Lumarda
USA / 9mins / Fiction

Why Not?
Directed by Maria Hall
USA/ 4mins / Fiction

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