Congratulations to our 2019 Film Finalists!

We watched many great films and thank all those who submitted.  We have chosen the following creative works as finalists in competition for the twentieth anniversary edition of the DC Independent Film Festival, March 1-10, 2019.


Cut Off  (USA/2017/89 mins)  directed by Jowan Carbin, Key Cast: John Robinson, Brad Dourif, William Baldwin, Laura Cayouette.

Curtiz (Hungary/2018/93 mins)  directed by Tamas Yvan Topolánszky, Key Cast: Lili Bordán, Evelin Dobos, Caroline Boulton, Nikolett Barabas, Kata Sarbó, Declan Hannigan, Yan Feldman, Björn Freiberg, Rafael Feldman, Scott Alexander Young

Dakota (USA/2019/98 mins.)  directed by Roberto Carmona, Key Cast: Phoebe Ryan, Holly Twyford, Jake Etheridge

Datsche (United Kingdom /2018/93 mins)  directed by Lara Hewitt, Key Cast:  Zack Segel, Christian Harting, Juan Carlos Lo Sasso, Luis Lüps, Kunle Kuforiji, Celine Yildirim

Penguin Highway (Japan/2018/118 mins./animation) directed by Hiroyasu Ishida. Key Cast: Kana Kita, Yû Aoi, Miki Fukui, Megumi Han.

Rag Doll (USA/2018/103 mins) directed by Bailey Kobe, Key Cast:  Shannon Murray, Roxana Sanchez, Dot-Marie Jones, Dante Basco, Stephanie Erb


A Billion to One (USA/2018/15mins) directed by CollabFeature Filmmakers

Chronicles of a Bleep Year Old Woman (USA/2018/ 9:32 mins) directed by Angela Atwood

On (USA/2018/18.30 mins) directed by Jamie Effros

Rock and Bowl Express: Episode 1 (USA/2018/9mins) directed by Ray Mallick

The Cottages (USA/2018/30mins) directed by John Darbonne

Too Faded  (USA/2018/17.20 mins.) directed by John R. Powell

Vows (USA/2018/9.21mins.) directed by Ginny Leise

Unspeakable  (USA/2018/15.21mins.)  directed by Milena Govich


The Five Dollar Movie (UK/2018/60 mins.) directed by Stephen Wright

Facing the Dragon (Afghanistan/2018/80 mins.) directed by Sedika Mojadidi

Ordinary Gods (USA/2018/1.52 mins.) directed by Pascui Rivas

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin (USA/2018/69 mins) directed by Arwen Curry

WBCN and The American Revolution (USA/2019/125 mins.) directed by Bill Lichtenstein

Transformistas (Cuba & USA/2019/79 mins.) directed by Chad Hahne

The FEMINIST – a Swedish Inspiration (Sweden/2018/91 mins.) directed by Hampus Linder


33: Local DC (USA/2018/5.38 mins.) directed by David Ross, Lloyd Foster, Kavon Martez

Do We Belong? (USA/2018/14mins.) directed by Sofian Khan

Feel of Vision (USA/2018/26 mins.) directed by Tucker Gragg and Austin Gardner

In Between Words (USA/2018/14 mins.) directed by Andrew Knox

Kwabena (USA/2018/9mins.) directed by Déwun Owusu.

Mum (UAE/2018/9.29mins.)  directed by Mariam Al Awadhi.

Stripped (Canada/2018/16.45mins.) directed by Jevon Boreland    

The Battle for Ranked Choice Voting (USA/2018/16mins.) directed by Julie Mallozzi

The Swimmer (Ireland/2017/11.5 mins.) directed by Thomas Beug


Annex (UK&USA/2018/12.48 mins.) directed by Tommy Nagle

Commuter  (USA/2018/8.48 mins.) directed by Sam Casscells

Focus  (Australia/2018/3.39 mins.) directed by Radheya Jegatheva

How to live your life correctly (USA/2018/20.35 mins.) directed by Xindi Lou

In Her Image (Georgia/2018/20 mins.) directed by Nikoloz Kevkhishvili

Jingle  (USA/2018/9.13 mins.) directed by Eric Schwager

Regulation  (USA/2018/10.53 mins.)   directed by Ryan Patch

Roadside Assistance (USA/2018/20 mins) directed by Ali Matlock

Sorry for your Loss (USA/2018/8.38 mins.) directed by Lauren Bair

Synesthetic Symphony (Mexico/2018/24 mins.} directed by Jorge Rojas

The Desecrated (USA/2018/ 7.48 mins.) directed by John Gray

The Funeral Dancer (Germany/2018/9 mins) directed by Natalie McMahon

The Program (USA/2018/14 mins.) directed by Michael Elliott Dennis

The Scorpion’s Tale (USA/2018/22.18 mins.) directed by Jhosimar Vasquez

The Very Beginning Mind (China/2018/17 mins.) directed by Guo Peng

Unknown Contact (France/2018/15.19 mins) directed by Isabelle Doll

Voice (Japan/2018/10 mins.) directed by Takeshi Kushida

What Here Needs Love? (USA/2018/12.35mins)  directed by Daniel Antebi


Alef b’Tamuz (Israel/2018/5.58 mins.) directed by Yael Reisfeld

Bluebrain (France/2018/ 1.35 mins.)  directed by Simon Duclos

Brainworm Billy  (USA/2018/2.36 mins.) directed by  Emily Hubley

Did you know? (USA/2018/ 7.46 mins) directed by Lynn Kim

Everyflower (China/2018/8.36 mins.)  directed by Cai YUANQING

Evol (France/2018/1:22 mins.)  directed by Kayu Leung

Khadija (Turkey and Syria/ 2018/2:55 mins.) directed by Beshr Idlbi

Little Skeleton  (USA/2018/1:30 mins.)   directed by Jennifer Levonian

Living Like Heta  (Switzerland/2018/6.12 mins.) directed by  Bianca Caderas

Morse (USA/2018/2:52 mins.) directed by Tom Bessoir

Natalie D France/2018/ 5:26  directed by Angele BERAUD

Panta Rhei  (France/2018/10.14 mins.) directed by Wouter Bongaerts

Random Thoughts (USA/2018/7:20)  directed by Steven Vander Meer

The Stained Club  (France/2018/6.39 mins.)  directed by Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier

You used to bring me flowers (Israel/2018/4:44mins)  directed by Nofar Schweitzer

Where I was born (USA/2018/4.26 mins.) directed by Jungmin Cha


Blagden Alley, NW USA/2018/9.13 mins/documentary) directed by Nyrene Monteforte

Captain Video  (USA/2018/4 mins/documentary) directed by Ethan Elkins

Concordia ( USA /2018/7 mins) directed by Annalise Ratner

Finding Home (USA/2018/14 mins/documentary) directed by Yolanda Morrison

Freedom Abridged  (USA/2018/14.53) directed by Nabeel Raza

Glance  (Germany/2018/10:40 mins) directed by Dominik Saal

Hermes (USA/2018/2.38 mins./animation) directed by by Ashley Cai

I am not Broken (USA/2018/2.18 mins./animation) directed by Abrielle Yen Marsden

Midwest (USA/2018/19.36 mins) directed by Robbie Gonyea

Socks: A Story About Pairs (Canada/2018/ 2.9 mins./animation) by Callahan Bracken

The Art of Getting Lost (Italy/2018/11 mins) directed by Luca Schilirò & Fabrizio Casorzo