Sad News: The Passing of a Creative Genius

For many, The Phantom Tolbooth was a book kept in the favorite section of a childhood bookshelf. I know my copy was ragged and scuffed as I imagined myself in the Doldrums, dreamed of having a car just like Milo’s and really wanted to grow down not up.  Author Norton Juster’s imagination was the stuff of magic and his writing was too clever by half.  Hannah Jayanti, former DCIFF staff member and festival alum, really understood that in making her documentary about his classic children’s book and 50 year friendship with illustrator Jules Feiffer.  From DCIFF, where we believe in the creativity of the screen and films that celebrate the inner child in us all, goodbye to a great and talented man. Rest in Peace Norton Juster.

Hannah Jayanti celebrates with Norton Juster







By Deirdre Evans-Pritchard, DCIFF ExDir